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Post by BestTeaMaker on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:02 am

Alright, so for the last few times I've done this, it was pretty much a solo job. However, now that I'm trying to push this to become a real thing, I am going to need some help. Right now, I need 2 Mods to join me in watching the challenge and adjusting the rules for each new challenge as I'm going to be pretty darn busy, especially July 15 - August 8. I also would like to have one of the mods have artistic sensibilities to help design posters, forum, and challenge ID cards. I really want to make this a thing as I'm actually investing money into this (well, a $20 eShop prize at least). Also, if I have more help, then it's possible to arrange Draft Challenges for other FE games.

If you wish to apply, I need the following information:

  • Name (username or real name or both are fine)
  • Experience as a Moderator of a subreddit or forum (if you don't have any, that's fine, but it would help me)
  • Reason for Joining
  • Favorite FE game

Thank you, and I hope you guys have a great challenge!

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Looking For Mods Empty Re: Looking For Mods

Post by Misterme7 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:31 am

We probably can't be an admin if we are in the challenge. Plus I have no artistic skill so I couldn't help with that too much. Maybe some.


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